Welcome to

The Rosa

Is Feider Linn Slainte

Open June 1st!!!

from 1 o’clock

Dear folks, friends, music lovers, thirsty customers,
Monday June 1st from 1 o’clock we hope to be open to welcome you close to the heart but 6 feet between us.
We hope the weather gods will bless us so we can make the most of our terrace taking the 6 feet distance in mind constantly, so we do.



open stage


in O'Ceallaigh

Every Wednesday starting at 21.00hrs. It’s O’Ceallaigh open stage! Dynamic small stage for singer songwriters, bands and music lovers You can sign-up oceallaigh-openstage@gmail.com or info@oceallaigh.nl

Every second Tuesday of the month: g.u.s. (ukulele) rehearsel.

Every other Tuesday the ukulele group practises in the lounge, of course ukulele enthousiasts are very welcome to join in.


Upcoming Events!

  • Happy Stew Day!

    From today again it’s Granny Patty’s Irish stew to be collected between 16.00- 18.30 from the pub.
    Orders taken between 12.00 and 15.00, pref 1 day in advance,  call or text 0652603654
                 vegetarian stew 6.50 euro
                 beef stew.            7.50 euro
                 lamb stew.         8.50 euro
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Stew Day!!

– From November 8th we’ll be serving our famous and unique Granny Patty’s Irish stew again!!

– We’ve extended our wine range with 4 organic wines( La Tulipe, Campo Bio Tinto , Vincente Gandia/ Cava) and will have the wine card ready after Halloween, from December 15th we’ll have Cava ( bottle) on the menu to help celebrate the festive days!
Next to that we have new drinks: Brand Winterbok (draft} and Lambieck & Stout by Guinness & Timmermans



Every Week

The Thefreelancers



  • Every even week from 21.30 hrs. The Freelancers – live music from our house band
  • Every tuesday/oneven: 20.00 hrs. Ukelele in the lounge with M.C.Paul
  • Every wednesday: open stage
  • Every Sunday from 17:00 hrs.: Trad. Irish Seisiún!

Our bar

  • Old Mouth Cider (Ohld-moot-sy-der)
  • Apple cider blended with passion fruit juice.
  • Apple cider blended with passion fruit juice.
  • Blind Pig (Blueberry and Oaked Spirit Flavored Cider)
Final Stage

Google street

inside view